Happy Mothers Day!!!

Egret 2 014My wonderful family took me deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and I can assure you – no oil here, but beautiful dolphins and A LOT of fish.  It was chilly as we went out so I was really glad we grabbed jackets at the very last moment. We went out on the Sea Winder and it was amazing!

DSC_0642 046

DSC_0637 041

It was EARLY – my wonderful husband had me us at 5:00 a.m. and it was completely worth it! (& I never say that)

DSC_0627 031

Boat 1

DSC_0654 058

The first catch of the day and it was mine and everyone went right back into the water :  )

I did catch a snapper a little later and a shark got on my line and I was pretty sure I was stuck on the bottom – it felt like I was trying to bring in an elephant.

Needless to say that snapper did not fair as well…

DSC_0657 061

DSC_0664 068

DSC_0675 079

Look at this gorgeous coastline behind them and the equally gorgeous water.

DSC_0719 123

Morgan spent the majority of her time chasing the bait fish.

DSC_0749 019

My beautiful girls covered in fish goo…  they LOVED it!
We ran by Sexton’s (a local seafood market – I could not find a website for them or I would have linked them) and we got a few shrimp to go home and we made ceviche for dinner, yum!
sextons 7 008
Sextons 2 004
This sign kinda made me a little sad – everyone is worried, but the forecast right now is positive for us, so I am staying positive and enjoying every moment…and shrimp…and snapper…
sextons 4 006
sextons 3 005