Just another day in paradise ~

This is how my morning began…



Juice boxes, baby sneezes, car alarms ~ Oh My!!!

Ok, soooo – this is how my day started, THAT is an orange gooey something stuck to my ceiling.  Yes STUCK – I say this because it took tongs and a chair for me to retrieve them, but if that is the worse that happens I am ok, right???  I love my life I promise, but I question my abilities as a mother each and every day…




Today was a bit more shall we say under control? That may not be the best way to describe it only because there is not much you can do to control a 16 month old toddler.  Late afternoon, I took Morgan to get a pair of shorts for school and decided to stop and get a drink from Sonic on my way home, so I got Trey a nutritious snack (don’t judge) of chicken fingers and he liked, but this is what happened…




This is chicken on my shoulder from a sneeze – it was all over my skirt and legs too 🙂 I love him, I do, but having a toddler is a humbling experience.



This just makes me laugh – our neighbor came over to play with Morgan and agreed to help give Trey his bath  – because – you should never ever give a toddler a juice box, if you do, he will either squeeze it and it will explode OR he will blow in it and it will explode ~ either way, it is NOT a good idea, also, never give a toddler your car key fob, because he WILL set off the car alarm, which I never know how to turn off – this happens a LOT…
Fast forward to the end of the day – SUSHI, yum I got the Mango Tango from Sushi Moto and I LOVE this place – a reward for making it through the day perhaps.




Favorite quote of the day…
“I wonder if in hell they just give you a bunch of babies and say – watch this”
~Morgan Ketchersid, age 10

Today was a day!!!

Today was a day and that may be all I can say.  It started out like any other and, well, it progressed and then after lunch, yes it was after lunch, things happened – and it turned into toddler mayhem.  There are many benefits to being an older mother like knowing how fast they grow up and appreciating the little things a little bit more maybe, but let’s face it I am an older mom and they are stinkin cute and killing me!!!  So after lunch the cute little one you see sleeping here – well first of all understand he is asleep on a mat on the floor, because he throws himself OUT of any crib and so it is what it is – he sleeps on a mat on the floor.  So, today after lunch in his cute little voice as we passed the cookies on the counter I heard “Peep” which means please – so it began, I gave in because he is cute and I am weak.  A cookie turned into a raving mad toddler – it progressed to screeching for really what seemed like hours but maybe it was 30 minutes (and time out is futile on a one year old for the record) then as my older children got home – I was of course running late because I also have a newborn at home and he was fussy and decided that today he needed to be held ALL day and of course nurse ALL day – so we get in my (what used to be a nice) SUV and the one year old dumps an entire bottle of milk in the way back of my car all over himself and his car seat and the little one fills his shorts.  By the grace of God, we were only about 10 minutes late to older child’s tennis.  So after driving around while my older child is playing tennis, I realize I hadn’t nursed for awhile so I actually pull out my breast pump and pump while my one year old starts the screeching all over again, soon the newborn chimes in and so I decide to take them both out of the car for some fresh air (I know shoot me). So as I get the stroller ready – the little one poops AGAIN and I realize the one year old does not have shoes – so I put the one year old in the stroller and the newborn wants no part of that so I am actually holding the newborn pushing the one year old. So the lesson ends and we head home, thinking hooray Dadem – which means daddy is home, relief is in sight – right? Well, kind of, Dadem takes the one year old to the bank while I go inside (to nurse again) and 20 minutes later he comes in and shows me  a half empty vial my one year old found in his car and consumed and my husband has no idea what is in the vial – really. So I made my husband eat some of what was in the vial, only to find out it is artificial snow  – really???  So, we google and looks like he will be ok, but as I am holding the newborn, the one year old is riding on my foot and he proceeds to throw up down my leg – which may be a good thing? kind of? So I pick the baby up to burp him and he throws  up down my back – so I am going to bed, only to try this again tomorrow…

Things to do in Destin when it rains…

Things to do in Destin when it rains… and a few things to do when it’s just a little rain…

Update May 2014

IMG_44581. Go bowling. – Hurricane Lanes  (As of May 2014 – sadly Tucker Dukes is no longer inside the bowling alley, but they still do exist – yay – go to McGuires Irish Pub for an awesome burger in Destin – across the street from The Emerald Grande) and we are getting a new bowling  center  at the Destin Commons in a month or two – part of Bass Pro!!!
2. There’s always Barnes and Noble – read a book, have coffee and some num nums… Books a million…3. Fat Daddy’s – it’s painful for me to write this because I am not an arcade fan, but my kids are and I love that it makes them happy AND the pizza is actually really really good. www.fatdaddyspizza.com remember the Destin location is the only one with the arcade.4. Destin Commons – only of its just drizzle because full blown out rain is not conducive to outdoor shopping. There’s a great playground with restaurants and there is a Starbucks as well as a gorgeous movie theater – oh and of course Bass Pro is there. Lots to do there. www.destincommons.com

5. Okaloosa Island has the boardwalk and the Gulfarium which is worth seeing really. It’s not the biggest aquarium, but my kids dig it. www.gulfarium.com

6. Harborwalk at Emerald Grand – lots of little shops along the harbor and great places to eat, an arcade, and a laser vault A little touristy, but hey, when in Rome… UPDATE  They now have a zipline and when it is NOT raining this as well as paddle boards, jet ski’s, fishing trips and dolphin cruises and the awesome Pirate Ship as well as many events along the water like fireworks and art shows!!! Emerald Grande Events

7. Baytownewharf! I dig it – again, it’s outside, but if it’s not pouring, it works Great food, little shops, zip lines, rock climbing, arcades, mini golf range (for kids), obstacle course, laser guns, ice cream, coffee and music.  www.baytownewharf.com

8. Serenity by the Sea – inside the Hilton at Sandestin for a day at the SPA or the Emerald Grande has an awesome Spa!!!  Love both – Emerald Grande has a better view, the Hilton has a hot tub, very nice!

9. Pedicures!!! Manicures!!! A great way to spend the day – boys included –

10. Grand Boulevard – more shopping, food and soon to be movies!!! UPDATE definitely movies and a movie theater!!! Grand Boulevard

11. Silversands outlets – food and shopping of course!

12. Sunstations (next door to fat daddy’s) has black light mini golf and laser tag.

13. Geocaching – there are a bunch around here and the kids love it – with a bit of our help It’s like a grown up treasure hunt. Try www.geocaching.com

14.  Ice Cream!!!  We have the Marble Slab, a new Dairy Queen, Brusters, Shakes, Kilwins, Dippin Dots, Yogurt Mountain, U Twirl, Deep South Sno Treats – I am sure I am missing some – let me know!

15. Bounce Party Playzone in Mary Esther – just over the bridge – fun fun fun!!! rain or shine!

16. Destin Library – worth a visit!

17. It’s a quick visit, but it’s what Destin is all about The Destin Fishing Museum!

18. The Track!

19. Big Kahunas! Now if it is raining a lot with lightening this is an obvious no go – but otherwise – the kids LOVE it!!!

20. 2 words. RED BOX

Ok – so I have to update – it is obviously raining again –