2 lenders – not uncommon, one being GMAC, the other Ocwen and both approved in record time – this house was put on the market literally mid September and both lender approved in 30 days!!! I love it when it all comes together.  It is a lot like aligning the moon and the stars!!!  It is also pretty funny how we can work on one for years and then another for 30 – 45 days…  





Happy Fall Y’all

So I had this fantastic idea that I would dress my one year-old up as a great Wyatt shark for Halloween since his name is Wyatt. We do live in Florida and so I would dress my two-year-old up as a pirate and my husband and I would also be pirates. What a great idea…right? I even had the wagon ready and my 2 year old was in the front driving the wagon boat and Great Wyatt was being pulled behind aka swimming behind 🙂 Well it was kind of a cute thought, but my one-year-old has an aversion to anything on his head and I didn’t even think about it prior… Sooooooo this is how it went down…



And this is how it ended – oh well 🙂 we had fun!!!