Happy Mothers Day!!!

Egret 2 014My wonderful family took me deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and I can assure you – no oil here, but beautiful dolphins and A LOT of fish.  It was chilly as we went out so I was really glad we grabbed jackets at the very last moment. We went out on the Sea Winder and it was amazing!

DSC_0642 046

DSC_0637 041

It was EARLY – my wonderful husband had me us at 5:00 a.m. and it was completely worth it! (& I never say that)

DSC_0627 031

Boat 1

DSC_0654 058

The first catch of the day and it was mine and everyone went right back into the water :  )

I did catch a snapper a little later and a shark got on my line and I was pretty sure I was stuck on the bottom – it felt like I was trying to bring in an elephant.

Needless to say that snapper did not fair as well…

DSC_0657 061

DSC_0664 068

DSC_0675 079

Look at this gorgeous coastline behind them and the equally gorgeous water.

DSC_0719 123

Morgan spent the majority of her time chasing the bait fish.

DSC_0749 019

My beautiful girls covered in fish goo…  they LOVED it!
We ran by Sexton’s (a local seafood market – I could not find a website for them or I would have linked them) and we got a few shrimp to go home and we made ceviche for dinner, yum!
sextons 7 008
Sextons 2 004
This sign kinda made me a little sad – everyone is worried, but the forecast right now is positive for us, so I am staying positive and enjoying every moment…and shrimp…and snapper…
sextons 4 006
sextons 3 005

More time or less protection?

Local captains placing booms to protect our beaches.
Local boat captains placing booms in an  attempt to protect our beaches.
Local waterways may face the threat of the BP oil spill with less protection than first expected.

Okaloosa County Public Safety Director Dino Villani said the Department of Environmental Protection determined Pensacola’s need for the booms to be greater than Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties and will not provide as many booms as he had expected.

The cleanup is still under the unified command of the Coast Guard and BP, LLC. Cleaning efforts were suspended Sunday because of the weather but the command reviewed the trajectory of the spill and announced the placement of additional booms.

My fear is they obviously do not have limitless supplies of these booms and they are attempting to mitigate damages in what they feel to be the larger populated areas.  We have not received any real updates of any magnitude for quite some time.