Finest Law Firm on the Emerald Coast!

Perfect evening for celebrating. So proud of my broker and my husband, voted Finest Law Firm on the Emerald Coast – they focus primarily on real estate and civil litigation…blogger-image--1562086556


Field of Poppies…


Ok, so what you do not know about me – which is probably quite a bit, but I studied Interior design in undergrad and LOVED art history – my absolute FAVE!!!  I studied under the college of architecture and it is still my heart – WHICH- is probably why I have migrated into real estate and away from the practice of law.  Oh well, I digress, but yesterday after a year of debating (and no I am not kidding, I take this very seriously) I decided we needed the field of poppies, after no one other than my Poppy.  Now we just have to wait for him Justin Gaffrey  to make a blue moon and or a red bird to remember baby Michael – although I do believe, he has made a red bird in the past….hmmmm.  I love his “you are my sunshine” too – just amazing and fun and it changes colors throughout the day, but always makes me happy!!!  Check him out and if you visit this summer be sure to stop by his studious because I can not possibly do any of this justice here.  




Things to do in Destin when it rains…

Things to do in Destin when it rains… and a few things to do when it’s just a little rain…

Update May 2014

IMG_44581. Go bowling. – Hurricane Lanes  (As of May 2014 – sadly Tucker Dukes is no longer inside the bowling alley, but they still do exist – yay – go to McGuires Irish Pub for an awesome burger in Destin – across the street from The Emerald Grande) and we are getting a new bowling  center  at the Destin Commons in a month or two – part of Bass Pro!!!
2. There’s always Barnes and Noble – read a book, have coffee and some num nums… Books a million…3. Fat Daddy’s – it’s painful for me to write this because I am not an arcade fan, but my kids are and I love that it makes them happy AND the pizza is actually really really good. remember the Destin location is the only one with the arcade.4. Destin Commons – only of its just drizzle because full blown out rain is not conducive to outdoor shopping. There’s a great playground with restaurants and there is a Starbucks as well as a gorgeous movie theater – oh and of course Bass Pro is there. Lots to do there.

5. Okaloosa Island has the boardwalk and the Gulfarium which is worth seeing really. It’s not the biggest aquarium, but my kids dig it.

6. Harborwalk at Emerald Grand – lots of little shops along the harbor and great places to eat, an arcade, and a laser vault A little touristy, but hey, when in Rome… UPDATE  They now have a zipline and when it is NOT raining this as well as paddle boards, jet ski’s, fishing trips and dolphin cruises and the awesome Pirate Ship as well as many events along the water like fireworks and art shows!!! Emerald Grande Events

7. Baytownewharf! I dig it – again, it’s outside, but if it’s not pouring, it works Great food, little shops, zip lines, rock climbing, arcades, mini golf range (for kids), obstacle course, laser guns, ice cream, coffee and music.

8. Serenity by the Sea – inside the Hilton at Sandestin for a day at the SPA or the Emerald Grande has an awesome Spa!!!  Love both – Emerald Grande has a better view, the Hilton has a hot tub, very nice!

9. Pedicures!!! Manicures!!! A great way to spend the day – boys included –

10. Grand Boulevard – more shopping, food and soon to be movies!!! UPDATE definitely movies and a movie theater!!! Grand Boulevard

11. Silversands outlets – food and shopping of course!

12. Sunstations (next door to fat daddy’s) has black light mini golf and laser tag.

13. Geocaching – there are a bunch around here and the kids love it – with a bit of our help It’s like a grown up treasure hunt. Try

14.  Ice Cream!!!  We have the Marble Slab, a new Dairy Queen, Brusters, Shakes, Kilwins, Dippin Dots, Yogurt Mountain, U Twirl, Deep South Sno Treats – I am sure I am missing some – let me know!

15. Bounce Party Playzone in Mary Esther – just over the bridge – fun fun fun!!! rain or shine!

16. Destin Library – worth a visit!

17. It’s a quick visit, but it’s what Destin is all about The Destin Fishing Museum!

18. The Track!

19. Big Kahunas! Now if it is raining a lot with lightening this is an obvious no go – but otherwise – the kids LOVE it!!!

20. 2 words. RED BOX

Ok – so I have to update – it is obviously raining again –

Locks of Love

Locks of Love
Getting ready to cut it all off!

Ok I have been bad about posting as I have been pretty busy with work, BUT Abbi’s hair was finally long enough to cut and donate sooooo she did and I am so proud of her (me smiling)…

Locks of Love
My favorite part of this picture is Morgan dancing in the back ground…
realjoypropertiesLocks of Love 3
realjoypropertiesLocks of LOve 4
realjoy propertiesLocks of Love 5
So proud of little Abbi and she is excited!

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

Happy St Patricks Day!  It has been a cold and cloudy day which has made traffic almost stop. A lot of Spring Breakers are here and they seem to look younger and younger every year…  Certainly I am not getting any older?  Anyways, I made corned beef and potatos and to my suprise – my children LOVED it.  There was no meat left.  I also served sweet peas for a bit of green (they were not as big of a hit, but the dogs enjoyed so not all was lost).

realjoypropertiesSt Patricks

Going on a treasure hunt...
After school Morgan decided to go on a treasure hunt in our back yard – where she did dig up the garden – in her shorts and Justice Peace rainboots – looking for buried treasure. We back up to the bayou, so we are pretty sure there is buried treasue in the back yard… I will keep you posted on that front.
Evidence of treasure hunt…I love this 🙂
Lastly – Bill had to go to Pensacola today and brought me home the most beautiful roses today, look…

Red Bay Grocery

On the way back to Destin halfway between the metropolis of Bruce and the Springs of Ponce de Leon on Highway 81. Ten miles south of I-10 is the Red Bay Grocery.  Stepping in there is like stepping back in time. I am happy everytime I walk in there, it is kind of difficult to explain, you almost need to experience this place, I love it!!!  The food is “wow” so good and not expensive.  It is the place to stop when you are coming to or leaving the area for sure.  Friendly people and really good tea and banana pudding, which in the south is key.
Red Bay 1
Red Bay

Abbi Red Bay

My Abbi

red bay Moo

My Morgan

Red Bay Grocery and Bill

My love

red bay basket
red bay peaches
red bay honey
Red Bay Grocery Store
Love how the liquid plumr and buck lickers are right next to the cute little jams ~ only in the south!
Red Bay Day

The long road back to Florida

We had to leave the meat to be processed and we just kind of took our time heading back to Destin as this was a gorgeous spring day.  North Florida gets cold in the winter (NOT as cold as Nebraska) but this was still a cold winter overall, so the air was still crisp, but so pretty.  As we are driving, I spotted this nice little smokehouse on the side of the road and I had to quickly take a few photos.  The owner was a little bitter, as you may be able to determine via the photos of her now abandoned “out of business” smokehouse. Alabama

Alabama smokehouse

Sweet home Alabama

Now, I could not make this stuff up if I tried.  I have never seen a cotton field.  I have seen a lot of corn fields, but definitely NO cotton fields, so the other weekend I drove with my husband to deliver some venison (that just sounds better than deer meat) to a man in Alabama that makes “venison” into fabulous sausage.  I literally made him pull over so I could take a picture and of course I had to touch it (the cotton) – which by the way is not always a good idea, to get out of a car along a highway in Alabama to touch someones cotton, those folks do not like this, but I did get a picture and my children thought it was very funny, so it was actually worth that little stop.


Ok, so now we are back in the car heading to Alabama and this place is actually only about an hour in a half away from our house.  We got there and this man was so sweet.  He must have thought we had lost our minds (well, let me rephrase, he must have thought I had lost my mind).  I asked him if I could take pictures because I was just having a picture taking kind of day.  I have never seen such a thing.  Now I am not really fond of deer meat (sorry , I know it is not a bad thing, it is just a bit gamey for me and I do my hunting at our local grocery store) but this is the best sausage I think I have ever had.  It is called Smokehouse Deer Processing in Lowery, Alabama and it was worth the drive.  They also are part of a group called “Hunter Helping the Hungry” where they give excess meat to needy families, just really nice people and really really good sausage.

Sausage Guy