Happy Halloween!!!

So much has happened in the past year in a half since I have posted.  I have (a few) other blogs, but this is the blog I am choosing to revive (so to speak) and post about my big/little family and all the wonderfulness along the Emerald Coast…

So for starters – although I was born in Florida, I grew up in Nebraska and in Nebraska Halloween is a BIG deal and SOOOO much fun.  Now, do not get me wrong, it is still fun here, but in a different kind of way.  Luckily, my youngest daughter and sister-in-law both have October birthdays so we LOVE the month of October anyways.  The weather in Destin in October is awesome – sometime a little warm, but the Emerald coast is just the best!!!

Check out this link: National Geographic Best Fall Trips Scroll down to the Emerald Coast and I promise you it really does look like this AND the weather is in the low 70’s and sunny right now.  Windows are open and I miss snow a teensy tiny bit, but a trip every winter to the mountains usually takes care of my need and back to paradise.  North Florida has a different feel than the rest of Florida (and I have lived almost everywhere in Florida). North Florida has a southern charm about.  The rest of Florida is primarily transplants (from the North/Yankees) take no offense because I am certainly considered a Yankee here so I mean it in the most endearing way.
Ok on to Halloween – which was lots of fun!!!  It was my sons first Halloween (on top of it being a big birthday month).  Look at how cute he is…
Before we left - Copy
Sitting up
Trey Monster
“Trey Monster”
He is probably going to love seeing these when he is a teenager right???  I am planning ahead right now 😉