Spring Break in Puerto Rico

Rooftop Pool in Peurto Rico
We have arrived!!! The top of our hotel is like an all inclusive retreat with grassy areas, a pool, cabana boys and cabanas 🙂 and of course cocktails are served on the lanai…
realjoy Jessica and Morgan on the way to bay at night
Highly reccomend a trip to the Bioluminescent Bay at night – the girls had so much fun!!!
realjoy Bill and Abbi on the way to the bay at night
It is a great way to see the city at night, quiet and dark and the less full the moon, the better the sparklies show up better.
realjoy Bio Bay sparklies
So this probably is not a great picture, but they looked like underwater sparklers when you move the water around and it was magical especially if you are 8
realjoy Subway at the rainforest
Leave it to the American’s 🙂 eating subway up in the rainforest!
realjoy The mystery fruit
Do you know what this is? Downside of no tourist guide – mystery fruit is still a mystery…
realjoy rainforest fern
Ginormous rainforest Fern!
realjoy More snails
Birds of paradise of some sort? with huge snails!!!
realjoy Bill in the jungle
All we were missing were monkeys!!!
realjoywaterfall Jessica and morgan
Just driving around the El Yunque National Rainforest and look a rainfall – we don’t have this in Destin…
Gorgeous wildflower along our hike up the mountain today….
realjoyrainforest 2
Looking out – absolutely breathtaking! Check this one off my bucket list!!!
realjoy Bill and Mr Bean
I know it is wrong, but look at how much this guy looks like “Mr. Bean”
RealJoy Jessica and Mr Bean
Jessica – the people working at the church did not think this was nearly as funny as we did…
realjoy Beware of dog
I hope this was meant to be funny because he was licking the windo trying to get to us.

This was not on the top of my list of places to visit and I am so so glad we did, it was so beautiful and pretty easy to get around.  Most importantly the kids loved it, it was just too short – we needed about 5 more days to take it all in, but loved it and loved the food!!!