Juice boxes, baby sneezes, car alarms ~ Oh My!!!

Ok, soooo – this is how my day started, THAT is an orange gooey something stuck to my ceiling.  Yes STUCK – I say this because it took tongs and a chair for me to retrieve them, but if that is the worse that happens I am ok, right???  I love my life I promise, but I question my abilities as a mother each and every day…




Today was a bit more shall we say under control? That may not be the best way to describe it only because there is not much you can do to control a 16 month old toddler.  Late afternoon, I took Morgan to get a pair of shorts for school and decided to stop and get a drink from Sonic on my way home, so I got Trey a nutritious snack (don’t judge) of chicken fingers and he liked, but this is what happened…




This is chicken on my shoulder from a sneeze – it was all over my skirt and legs too 🙂 I love him, I do, but having a toddler is a humbling experience.



This just makes me laugh – our neighbor came over to play with Morgan and agreed to help give Trey his bath  – because – you should never ever give a toddler a juice box, if you do, he will either squeeze it and it will explode OR he will blow in it and it will explode ~ either way, it is NOT a good idea, also, never give a toddler your car key fob, because he WILL set off the car alarm, which I never know how to turn off – this happens a LOT…
Fast forward to the end of the day – SUSHI, yum I got the Mango Tango from Sushi Moto and I LOVE this place – a reward for making it through the day perhaps.




Favorite quote of the day…
“I wonder if in hell they just give you a bunch of babies and say – watch this”
~Morgan Ketchersid, age 10