BEST Florida Beaches!!!

We have been named #2 on the list of best beaches in Florida, by US News and World Report – I know I am biased but really we should be #1 ~ I only say this because I have lived everywhere in Florida and hands down, we win!!!
Wyatt scalloping
Sugar Sand

The long road back to Florida

We had to leave the meat to be processed and we just kind of took our time heading back to Destin as this was a gorgeous spring day.  North Florida gets cold in the winter (NOT as cold as Nebraska) but this was still a cold winter overall, so the air was still crisp, but so pretty.  As we are driving, I spotted this nice little smokehouse on the side of the road and I had to quickly take a few photos.  The owner was a little bitter, as you may be able to determine via the photos of her now abandoned “out of business” smokehouse. Alabama

Alabama smokehouse