Travel Channels Best Beaches!!!

destin-florida_ss_014_596x334The Travel Channel has voted Destin as the best family beach!!! Whoo Hoo!!  But really, we knew this already, right???


Seriously…what is this???

The media are calling them “sea plankton” or butterflies…  I have not seen them along the coast ever so this has me baffled.


This is one up close they are teeny (smaller than the end of a toothpick).


This is a jelly fish wrapped up in all the prickly butterfly drama…



These next two pictures are all the little sea creatures just underwater – that is how clear our water is.  I am looking down into the water.



Note it is bad beach etiquette to dig holes and leave them.  The turtles do NOT like that, so leave it to my family to cover the holes, I am so proud, this is them covering a ginormous hole!



The end to a great beach day at “The Back Porch” watching the girls play, while we eat…DSC_0021

Yes, her shirt is inside out…DSC_0020-2

A Feline Friends of Destin Feral Kitty – well taken care of and very relaxed…


Beaches in Puerto Rico

Now here we are in Puerto Rico and it was gorgeous – we LOVED it and the water is really pretty, but the sand, it just isn’t the same as our sand, BUT that is not why we went to Puerto Rico, they have rainforests and glowing bays and great food and quaint streets, THAT is why we went to Puerto Rico and I highly reccomend a visit if you have not been.  Our beaches are still prettier, that’s all…
I am a beach snob  – I’m good with that…
This was a picture of my girls last summer – note the sugar white sand and the clear emerald green water – It is amazing and honestly no beaches compare, it isn’t even fair to try…
Peurto Rico has rainforests though and those cute little talking frogs…

Baby it’s cold outside!

I am astonished at how diverse our little town is.  Our beaches are easily the most beautiful beaches on this planet (I am not biased) but it has historically been difficult to get here, so we are a little bit of a secret.  My girls are always disappointed in other beaches because they are so spoiled.  They assume every beach is like ours, but right now the spring breakers are here and you can tell, because…  they are IN the water.  Bikinis and it is freezing.  The grocery stores are full and this is a crazy time in Destin, because the snowbirds are not quite gone yet and the spring breakers have arrived and it is a bit like oil and water.