Juice boxes, baby sneezes, car alarms ~ Oh My!!!

Ok, soooo – this is how my day started, THAT is an orange gooey something stuck to my ceiling.  Yes STUCK – I say this because it took tongs and a chair for me to retrieve them, but if that is the worse that happens I am ok, right???  I love my life I promise, but I question my abilities as a mother each and every day…




Today was a bit more shall we say under control? That may not be the best way to describe it only because there is not much you can do to control a 16 month old toddler.  Late afternoon, I took Morgan to get a pair of shorts for school and decided to stop and get a drink from Sonic on my way home, so I got Trey a nutritious snack (don’t judge) of chicken fingers and he liked, but this is what happened…




This is chicken on my shoulder from a sneeze – it was all over my skirt and legs too 🙂 I love him, I do, but having a toddler is a humbling experience.



This just makes me laugh – our neighbor came over to play with Morgan and agreed to help give Trey his bath  – because – you should never ever give a toddler a juice box, if you do, he will either squeeze it and it will explode OR he will blow in it and it will explode ~ either way, it is NOT a good idea, also, never give a toddler your car key fob, because he WILL set off the car alarm, which I never know how to turn off – this happens a LOT…
Fast forward to the end of the day – SUSHI, yum I got the Mango Tango from Sushi Moto and I LOVE this place – a reward for making it through the day perhaps.




Favorite quote of the day…
“I wonder if in hell they just give you a bunch of babies and say – watch this”
~Morgan Ketchersid, age 10

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Originally from Florida, Jodi grew up in Omaha Nebraska moved back to Florida to earn her jurist doctorate. This knowledge coupled with her undergraduate degree in business management has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating home buyers and sellers and effectively marketing the teams listings. Jodi has been working in the Destin real estate market since 2005. Did he currently resides in Destin Florida with her husband Bill Ketchersid. Bill is also an attorney and has been practicing primarily real estate law in the area for about 20 years. Together they have five children.

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