It’s Closing… It’s Closing…

Now I celebrate every closing, I really really do, but this one is special and here is why.  It is not because I am making a lot of money, it is not because I am getting rid of a buyer, seller or a fellow real estate agent that is torturing me.  It is because not only is this a short sale, but THIS short sale has been going on for 5 years and I am NOT kidding…    I originally listed this property in the fall of 2008 and we are now into the fall of 2013.  My file is literally  half a foot deep and for the most part I store everything electronically so you can imagine how thick this would be otherwise. – we started out with a selling price of 110,000 and we are closing somewhere in the neighborhood of half of that and the best part is she paid 135,000 as a single woman, primary home just a few days before Christmas in 2005.  Life happened, the market got bad, her unit flooded, no one wanted to help or would help and she responsibly took a new job in a new location and tried to sell her home.  Again life happened, she met the man of her dreams and got married.  She kept paying and tried to rent her property out while maintaining everything   Finally through no fault of her own, life happened again, and some pipes burst and again flooded her unit – this time she was done.  Done trying, done paying, done fighting…  This short sale business is a love hate relation ship… I love my job and I love helping people and I feel like I really am when it is a short sale situation, but sometimes I hate short sales.  I do not hate them because they are a LOT of work but they because they cause many people a lot of stress and I am not talking about personal stress, but stress on the homeowner trying to sell, stress on the buyer trying to buy.  5 years!!!  2 lenders and a stink butt HOA (I will not mention any names here…).  Seriously shame on someone for not ending this sooner and it is no shame on myself or my seller.  It was a ittle like aligning the moon and the stars to make this happen and well – it happened and we are all doing a HAPPY HAPPY dance!!!  The buyer is getting a great deal, the seller is closing this chapter and we are all moving forward.  I think sometimes (often times) sellers need to sell and sometimes they should sell and sometimes they ignore it completely and pretend it is not happening.  This is a definite needed to sell and should sell and it was not ignored.  The banks seriously tortured this woman and made her lose sleep and when all is said and done after what she put down and paid back and after the new buyer paid, she was seriously pretty close to paying back the entire amount anyways so why – why – why???  Ok, why does not matter, all is said and all is done and the short sale is over and the seller is done losing sleep and again life happens…  we live in paradise :-)


Destin Florida beaches
Destin Florida beaches



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Originally from Florida, Jodi grew up in Omaha Nebraska moved back to Florida to earn her jurist doctorate. This knowledge coupled with her undergraduate degree in business management has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating home buyers and sellers and effectively marketing the teams listings. Jodi has been working in the Destin real estate market since 2005. Did he currently resides in Destin Florida with her husband Bill Ketchersid. Bill is also an attorney and has been practicing primarily real estate law in the area for about 20 years. Together they have five children.

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